— AJ, the one

P4Y is an anthem for all womXn-identifying beings.

I believe that NOBODY should have the power to claim ownership over our bodies.

This song is a reclamation OF OUR sexuality.

Mental and physical reclamation is important to emphasize, because EVEN once wE feel FREE within our physical bodies, there is more. womxn and girls are raised to have a mentality where our bodies are ONLY legitimized after being "wifed", owned or touched by a man or person.

wHat are society’s ideas ABOUT virginS IN THEIR ADULTHOOD? What are the stigmas of an older UNMARRIED woman? And sex workers..SHOULD THEY HAVE COMPLETE AGENCY OVER THEIR BODIES TOO?

The answer is yes, their pussies don’t P4Y either.

The point of P4Y is to EMPOWER WOMXN TO claim agency over what THEIR MIND AND body will and will not engage in. WOMXN should feel LIBERATEd WITHin their sexuality and unapologetic about their womxnhood. The people running this country perpetuate the subordination of womXn by continuing to TRY AND control our reproductive rights AND by treating r*pe and sexual assault as a normality that womxn must protect themselves against. (INSTEAD OF TEACHING ABUSERS THAT THE PUSSY DOES NOT P.4.Y.)

We will not comply to any laws that limit our freedom of choice. WomXn DESERVE the right to determine the fate of their FUTURE WITHOUT INTERVENTION FROM FAMILY, SOCIETY, GOVERNMENT, OR ANYONE.

P4Y is a political statement and should not be taken lightly.

No person should have ownership over us and what we can and cannot do.


lyrics // P4Y // AJ, the One

This pussy don’t pop for you x8



AJ, the One coming through

Hit a nigga up like what it do

How many licks does it take til we get to the center of the shit you was talking boo?

Ego, ooo

Scrape, scraping off my shoe

Mince it like an onion and I love it, flavor for my food

Like mmm mmm mix it up, Peter Piper in my cup

Put him in a pickle cause this pussy need your paper up

Your paper up? Like read a book

Roll some wisdom in your wood

Call a library have them teach you how this pussy do



This pussy don’t pop for you x8


This pussy don’t pop for your anatomy

Take pussy please academy

I told him he ain’t eat it right and now the nigga mad at me?

Mad at me? Honestly, fuck your masculinity

Hang a “how to treat it” on your wall like a tapestry

Read it when you wake, read it when you sleep

Memorize it feel the vibin, can you take the heat?

Read it when you wake, read it when you sleep

Don’t learn reluctantly, can they take the heat?


This pussy don’t pop for you x8


This pussy ain’t poppin for nobody but this body that it’s growin in

Fuck a pimp, don’t need no trick, this pussy power mad rich

Claim it, be amazed with all the bags you secure, yeah

Hiding it, dividing it, girl either way that pussy lit


This pussy don’t pop for you x8